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Reuse of Items on other pages

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Mar 16, 2008 at 12:14 PM

is this possible: I create a website with zones. Next, i create on a page in my defined zones content with normal Content items. Then I want to resue these items on another page in another zone.

My Example: I have a Page with Subpages of contacts. The contact informations are in the zone "Main". I also have a page with products. The product information are in the zone "main". To each product i want to associate a contact in the zone "container" which i have created on the other (contact-)pages. The layout of the contacts in the container zone is a different than in the "main" zone. This is done by rewriting the templateurl.

Is there a list type beside the DragDropControlPanel to make this possible.

Mar 16, 2008 at 2:19 PM

I'm understanding you have one set of contacts which should be associated to the products.

A good way to handle this IMHO is creating a custom editable. When I edit a product I can choose among a set of existing contacts for the product.

Then you need a different contact layout when they are displayed in the context of a product. In such situations I usually resort to having a repeater on the product with a specified user control presentation:

<asp:repeater datasource=<%# GetAssociatedContacts() %>>
		<my:ThumbnailContactPresentation CurrentItem=<%# Container.DataItem %>/>

Although you could probably fix this by overriding templateurl or addto(control) methods and using zones but it might be a tougher road.

Hope I understood your questions =)