Adding Ecommerce to N2

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Jan 5, 2008 at 3:02 AM
I am working with a non-profit that is using N2 at this time. I would like to add in the concept of Ecommerce into N2. I have scene several other shopping carts out their and unless we pay no one has Google Checkout at this time so I will be building one that dose I would like to build it in to N2. I think I can but need some help I have several items already: product, order, shopping cart, shopping cart item, store, payment settings. But what I would like to do is to have two edit views. One for the CMS and one for the Shopping cart. I have been trying to take what is there infer what I need to set this up. I am not sure what the best way to do this task would be. Any put would be helpful.
Jan 5, 2008 at 5:23 PM
Hi Mozts

Sounds very interesting. Could you explain in more detail how you are thinking in regards to two edit views. Are you thinking something sort of two independent tree structures that are accessible separately?

Jan 7, 2008 at 12:28 AM
Hello Cristin,

I am Kinda looking for the two tree structures. I want to have it so that when I log in to the editor as it is not I can add a button to the toolbar that would change the navagation section for the editor would change to a menu like structure and the preview paine would change to a custome editor. I have noteice the interfaces with in N2 but would like some input on what one i would need to implament inorder to get the functions i am looking for. Also I am willing to share any and all the code that we come up with o that it can bet add to the project.

Thanks for any and all help
Jan 7, 2008 at 8:21 PM
I'm not sure you need it but I't might be useful to know about the ToolbarPlugin if you want to integrate with the editor interface:
	[ToolbarPlugIn("", "auniquename", "navigation/tree.aspx?selected={selected}", ToolbarArea.Navigation, "navigation", "~/path/to/an/icon.gif", -30, ToolTip = "my plugin", GlobalResourceClassName = "Toolbar")]
	public class MyPlugin : Page

I like the idea about edit structures. I'm thinking some favorites-like feature that can show only certain parts of the tree. This could be used as a shortcut to the products and other interesting areas.
Jun 20, 2008 at 9:51 PM
where is n2 cms e-commerce modules?
Jul 11, 2008 at 3:27 PM
As far as i'm aware, there's no any :-(

 * * *

Good thing we can build one :-) I'm working on a sort of e-commerce service in my spare time.
Lemme share my vision first:
I'd like to build a general-purpose (1), multi-user (2), syndication-ready (3) product catalog.

Under general-purpose (1) i mean an ability to store products with ad-hoc set of loosely-typed properties, which would allow to perform extensive processing for building associations, auto-complete services, property-based package assembly, distributed queries for related media (say, pictures, videos, comments, reviews) and so on. In my opinion, N2's data structures and libraries offer a good balance of flexibility and functionality to build such a system.

From a customer perspective, multi-user'ness (2) means that system will allow any user to register (a), choose items from a catalog (b), assign specific properties (price, availability, etc) (c), and either start trading through simple customizable web UI (think googlepages) -OR- have their catalog syndicated via web-services/feeds/widgets to be used elsewhere.

Syndication (3) Means an extensive offer of data feeds (think and widgets (recall, igoogle, or so).

 * * *
To date i have some semi-working prototype, consisting of:
- web data HttpAgilityPack-based scrapers for some online catalogs, which served me as prototypes
- 3 alternatives for persistance layer: file-system catalog via XPath (1), native N2 item-set (2), and finally highly experimental ADO.Net Entity Framework model over N2 db
- simple stand-alone (N2-free) web GUI
- WCF-based, so-called "media service" -- thing that magically finds pictures for your product in public image search services like Flickr, and caches locally for moderation and further reuse
- jQuery-based example implementation of product selection widget working through simplest ADO.Net Data Service (thanks to EF model this works like a charm)
- set of OLAP-flavoured offline processing code (to build indexes, filters, value dictionaries and so on)

Sadly, all this goodness is far from production quality, and even too rough to be thrown into codeplex, so for now i mention it here just to let you know you're not alone ;-)