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Released: Jul 30, 2011
Updated: Apr 9, 2013 by bherila
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Recommended Download

Source Code N2 CMS 2.2.1 Full Source Code
source code, 16274K, uploaded Jul 30, 2011 - 23209 downloads

Other Available Downloads

Documentation N2 CMS 2.2.1 Developer Documentation
documentation, 8336K, uploaded Mar 8, 2012 - 9221 downloads
Source Code N2 CMS 2.2.1 ASP.NET MVC Templates Pack *
source code, 8740K, uploaded Jul 31, 2011 - 4765 downloads
Source Code N2 CMS 2.2.1 ASP.NET WebForms Templates Pack *
source code, 8592K, uploaded Jul 31, 2011 - 3985 downloads
Source Code N2 CMS 2.2.1 Dinamico Razor Templates Pack (release candidate)
source code, 8689K, uploaded Jul 31, 2011 - 2480 downloads
Source Code N2 CMS 2.2.1 Nuget with local dependencies (release candidate) **
source code, 12139K, uploaded Jul 31, 2011 - 1020 downloads
Example N2 CMS 2.2.1 MVC Minimal Example
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Example N2 CMS 2.2.1 C# Minimal Example
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Example N2 CMS 2.2.1 Visual Basic Minimal Example
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Application N2 CMS 2.2.1 Framework and Management UI (for upgrade)
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Documentation N2CMS - The Little Handbook
documentation, 120K, uploaded Apr 9, 2013 - 260 downloads

Release Notes

* Web platform installer support available
** Nuget support available

What's new

Dinamico Templates (release candidate) - an MVC3 & Razor based template pack using the template-first! development paradigm
  • Boilerplate CSS & HTML5
  • Advanced theming with css comipilation (concrete, dark, roadwork, terracotta, cloudy)
  • Template-first! development style
  • Content, news, listing, slider, image sizes, search, sitemap, globalization, youtube, google map

Display Tokens - replaces text tokens with rendered content (usage [DisplayableToken], tokens: {{precedingsibling}} and {{subsequentsibling}}, {{nextsibling}}, {{previoussibling}} , {{author}}, {{detail}}, and {{published}}, {{children}}, {{firstchild}}, {{parnet}}, {{siblings}}, {{startpage}} and {{toc}})

Tag Cloud - Available In MVC Templates ([EditableTags], TagsRepository)

Nuget support for installing N2 CMS Frmaework or Dinamico Templates

Framwork improvements
  • LINQ querying works again with improvements such as WhereDescendantOf and WhereDescendantOrSelf
  • ContentHelper provides quick access to APIs: Traverse, Is (filters), Search, Current (context), Register (register editor and display data, dinamico only), Display (display data using default display, dinamico only), Data (get access to data, dinamico only), Has (is data available, dinamico only),
  • [RestrictCardinality] to restrict number of items of a certain type below a container
  • Deploy and run N2 Management within a zip file
  • Easier service replacement [Service(Replaces=typeof(DefaultImplementation))]
  • Improved [Template] to set alternative templates via management UI (using [WithEditableTemplate])
  • [EditableSummary] extracts sentences from text
  • Fluent registration for scripts and styles
  • Control panel helper
  • ItemFilter operators (-&|)
  • CssCompiler (compacts, gzips and combines css)
  • Children collection database queries (Children.FindZoneNames, .FindNamed, .FindPages, .FindParts, .FindRange, .Query)
  • Support for external content ([ExternalContent] associates items with controllers not routed through n2)
  • Lucene based search (searcher.Search(Query.For("region") | Query.For("world")))
Management improvements
  • Warning when removing files referenced somewhere (ThreadId=252444)
  • Site settings via toolbar ([RecursiveContainer])
  • Improved installation experience and security

What's new in 2.2.1 update

  • Direct editing of details (available via drag'n'drop)
  • Expandable tiny mce toolbar (by janpub)
  • SelectableTypes on EditableLink
  • Refactored item.Children.Find... to return IQueryable (in memory so far)
  • Performance improvements rendering navigation
  • Bug fixes, e.g.: dinamico 404 on 1st request and login error, date picker, indexing error, tokens not removed (by wrohrbach), NH version issue (now 3.2GA)
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First time with N2?

  • Try the demo site
  • Download one of the template packs (above) and open the project in Visual Studio
  • Read any readme.txt you come across to get started
  • Look at the developer documentation available for download above


Read upgrade_2.2.1.txt

Reviews for this release

I've been using N2 for at least 3 years now, it's a superb CMS system with localization support. It's totally independent of how you want to build your site (MVC or Webforms based) and it doesn't require you to implement dozens of interfaces if you start from scratch. I've also tried Orchard, but I find N2 to be less abstract and allot easier to find entry points for custom code. A great choice!
by LouisSomers on Feb 23, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Excellent framework for building content managed sites. Massively extensible backed by a helpful and knowledgably community.
by Cookiesworld on Apr 13, 2012 at 11:39 AM