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Security for Large sites

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Feb 24, 2009 at 12:03 AM
I have a site that's currently in DNN that has about 12K users and somewhere around 12 to 14K pages.  Obviously, user and page management is very important. 

The demo didn't look like it could really handle that level of users or pages.  I hope I'm missing something as I'm about done screwing with DNN.

One of the main things I need is the ability for page security to be assigned on a per user basis.  For example, we create Home pages for each user.  The user themselves is responsible for editing their own page and/or creating sub pages.  However, we don't want to create a "group" just for this one user.  Can N2 do that?

Also, I don't want all of the pages to show up in the page navigator.  Just ones the user has direct access to. 

Feb 24, 2009 at 7:17 PM
Some random ideas based on your description.
  • The hierarchilcal model doesn't cope well with thousands of items under a single parent node. I'd probably try to split this up somehow.
  • You could create a custom membership provider that stores the users as pages and use the same node as personal page and user (the default membership provider stores as pages but doesn't cope very well with many users)
  • The default security model doesn't support per-user access but you can override IsAuthorized(user) on the content item to do custom security
  • I wouldn't want to filter 12k pages for each request, I'd probably store these somewhere else and show just the personal page in a certain spot (e.g. by overriding GetChildren or some other solution)