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Problem publishing new pages between midnight and noon

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Feb 13, 2009 at 6:54 AM
I think I might have came across a small bug. I was working on creating and publishing new pages after midnight. The initial problem I was running into was that they would not get automatically published when I would "Save and Publish". After digging around for a reason why, I figured this out:

If you create and publish a page at 12:30 AM, the time field for the first date/time in "Published Between" will automatically filled in with 12:30:00. When you publish the page, it sees this time in 24 hour mode, which translates to 12:30 PM, and the page won't publish since it has another 12 hours until it goes live.

In order to fix this, I changed the value to 00:30:00, which is 12:30 AM, saved the page, and the page became published.

I don't exactly know if this is just the set up of my development environment, or if it is an actual bug in the CMS. Can anyone else confirm this problem?