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Adopting n2

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Nov 28, 2008 at 12:59 PM
I’m just about to get my hands dirty in the code. Whilst I’m evaluating whether N2 fits our needs, I was wondering if I could perhaps ask a few questions.

-    As you’re using Windsor can we use my own navigation and security libraries, so long as I implement an adaptor / bridge? Can I use something other than site maps?

-    We’d like to restrict what areas our site maintainers can edit. We’d also restrict what actions they can perform. I.e. if we allow a user to have italic, yellow text on a purple back ground they’ll do it. Irrespective of our branding and CSS.

-    Is it feasible to run the N2 under .NET 2.0 and IIS6?
Nov 28, 2008 at 4:07 PM
N2 includes an sitemap but it's not used internally. Most of the time a component that traverse each items Children collection is used. You can reconfigure it but it's hard to give advice without knowing what you are looking for more specifically.

You won't get much built in help for fine-grained restrictions. It's a commonly requested feature but at the moment the site only supports "if you can read it you can change it (as long as you can access an interface that allows you to)". It is however, possible to work around this limitation if you get your hands dirty.

Yes. runs on that configuration.